Charlotte Ducotterd (PhD student, former MSc student): Ecology and conservation of the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis)

Silvia Geser (PhD student): population genetics of the Asp viper (Vipera aspis)

Valerie Zwahlen (PhD student, former MSc student, Unversity of Basel): genetic structure within Eurasian viper species

Andreas Schild (MSc student, Unviersity of Bern and the Naturhistorisches Museum Bern): Morphology and genetic diversity within (Natrix helvetica) in Western Switzerland.

Stella Devitro (MSc student, Unviersity of Bern and the Naturhistorisches Museum Bern): Monitoring relocated European Adders at the expense of Revitalisations (Vipera berus) in Eastern Switzerland.

Former students

Donatien François (PhD student, University of Rennes, member of the Thesis Committee): Connectivité fonctionnelle chez Vipera berus (Linnaeus, 1758), une espèce peu dispersante et aux mœurs discrètes : caractérisation des flux de gènes à fine échelle spatiale au sein d’un paysage contrasté - 2014-2018

Matthieu Raemy (PhD student, former MSc student): reintroduction of the European Pond Turtle (Emys orbicularis) in Switzerland - 2010-2017

Anne-Laure Ferchaud (PhD student, University of Montpellier, co-supervised by Claudine Mongelard, CEFE-CNRS, Montpellier): Phylogeography and population genetics of the steppe meadow viper (Vipera ursinii) - 2008-2011

Tobias Süess (MSc student, University of Basel): Adders (Vipera berus) increase movement and shift habitat after translocation – an example in Bever, Swiss Alps - 2016-2017

Michèle Plag (MSc student, University of Basel): Do melanistic and blotched asp vipers differ in habitat use? - 2015-2017

Maxime Chèvre (MSc student, University of Neuchâtel): The contact zone of the grass snake (Natrix natrix) in Switzerland - 2014-2015.

Fanny Demez (MSc student, University of Liège): Caractérisation génétique et conservation des populations de vipères péliades (Vipera berus) en Wallonie, et comparaison avec les populations suisses et françaises - 2013

Bettina Erne (MSc student, University of Neuchâtel): Characterisation of the contact zone between the Italian and Northern clades of Vipera berus present in Switzerland:A genetic and morphologic approach - 2012-2013

Julie Cauwenbergh (MSc student, University of Liège): population genetics and landscape genetic in Belgian smouth-snake populations (Coronella austriaca) - 2012

Laura Kaiser (MSc student, University of Basel): Vipera aspis aspis / Vipera aspis atra: gene flow and morphological differenciation between two ecotypes - 2010-2011

Kristina Giano (MSc student, University of Basel): Habitat competition between two Natricine species, a native, Natrix maura, and an introduced, Natrix tessellata, using telemetry - 2010-2011

Cindy Gérard (MSc student, Univerity of Strasbourg): population genetic structure in green toad (Bufo viridis) - 2011

Céline Geiser (MSc student, University of Geneva, co-supervised with Anthony Lehmann, University of Geneva): Microsatellite description and landscape genetic in the slow worm (Anguis fragilis) - 2009-2011

Jean-Pierre Vacher (MSc student, Muséum national d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris): Genetic differenciation between the Alsacian population of the smooth snake (Coronella austriaca) - 2010

Amandine Plaisance (MSc student, University of St-Etienne): Population genetics of the green lizard (Lacerta bilineata) in the Alsace region - 2008